looking Forward To April

There has been a lot of changes here at Collapse Industries! We have multiple new kits in the works and are deleting the preorder section during April as the castings are finished. New items will only be offered as the molds are made. We are working with Electric Geisha/ Chaotic force to bring some of Jon Shelley's great designs to life. Also we are working with Sixus1 to bing some of their designs to 3d. Items are being molded now to launch at Monsterpalooza in the middle of April. Orlok and Wraiths are shipping over the next two weeks as well. Look forward to April 1 there will be a sale on our Facebook page. Our main goals this year are to setup how to videos for working with our kits, improving shipping times, speeding up the mastering process with the addition of another printer. We are glad to be back up and running. The first part of this year has been very hectic with myself needing nasal and sinus surgery and multiple mechanical failures, but that has not stopped us. Another goal for this year is to focus on the miniatures market bringing more 54mm,70mm, and 90mm figures to market. This is a short update but I will constantly try to work on updating the blog on here to keep our customers updated.  Check out this Killer sculpt from Grant Cross Artworks that will be up for order April 1 in 5in and 11in