Custom 3d Printing Services

Please Read all requirements and terms below before submitting an inquiry.

Collapse Industries offers custom 3d printing services for Artist, Industrial, and Prototyping needs. We have 5 printers in house that offer a variety of materials. We print FDM, Polyjet, and SLA. Materials include the vero line of polyjet materials, SLA resins, SLA burnout wax, ABS, and PLA. More materials will be added soon

What you need to submit for a Quote

Here is what you need to have prepared to submit a file for quoting:

1: an Error free .STL or OBJ file

2. The file needs to be scaled to proper size in MM or Inches. However Millimeters are preferred 

3. Individual parts need to be their own separate files and not grouped together. 

We recommend checking your files with a software similar to netfab or a free software like Meshmixer before submission.

Services offered

The Shop offer 3 tiers of print service

1. Raw print. This is after any chemical post process and UV post curing is done. Shipped with supports on in its raw state

2. Supports removed and sanded with a primer sealant Applied

3. Mold ready prototype. This is our highest level of service. And is to create a prototype ready for molding. 

 It is important to note Collapse Industries will not resize or repair the files, but can recommend a 3rd party contractor whom you can contact to have that done for you. 

Terms of Service

1: After files are submitted we will provide you with a quote for the print. If you are getting your print post proceed for molding that will be broken down into a separate quote. 

2: If you agree to become our client a mandatory 50% non refundable deposit is required. 

3: Collapse Industries will provide you with photos after the print has been made and if further work is agreed upon to post process your print then you will be updated with the project. Some factors can influence delivery times, however there may be scheduling delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Any cancelation of the Job must be done before any post processing work has begun. If the project is terminated after this all earnest moneys paid are non refundable and you may be billed for hours of labor incurred.

4: Collapse Industries will send you photos and a video if requested of your pieces and payment is due before shipment from our facility. 


Legal: All invoices and work are done in the State of Florida and the County of Escambia. All agreements fall under the laws governing this County. 

Contact Us

If you have made it this far and understand the terms and conditions the collapse looks forward to hearing from you. You can contact us at [email protected] for more information.