Visitor 5in Kit

Visitor 5in Kit

We have all heard of Area51! We all know the truth is out there! Collapse Industries has found out the truth and now we introduce you to the Visitor. This is the story as we heard it. In 1947 there was the capture of an Alien mapping team. The "Aliens" were comprised of two sub species. Only one alien survived the crash long enough to send an SOS beacon, before capture we don't know what happened to  this interloper after capture. The government is still silent to the facts until the Visitor arrived in 2020. Are they finally going to admit to extraterrestrial life with this advanced species arriving to retrieve the sensitive information they lost in the crash? What does this mean to us?

The visitor is in production and will be available as a 5in kit . The kit will be a solid cast offered in traditional solid gray resin or a semi translucent flesh tone. 

sculpted by :Josh P Crockett

visitor no suit


  • Available
  • Ships within 3-4 weeks1