This is our Lovely selection of Aliens. We have them of all shapes sizes and types! 

Azumee The Galactic Bounty Hunter
Who told you aliens only had two legs? From mildly Askew mind of Eric Askue we introduce Azumee. The sculpture is 12in tall with two optional arms. The kit will be shipping in end of April. Cast in semi translucent Flesh or grey please selec ... (read more)
From $135.00 2
Intergalactic Mantis
Crack.... Pop... hiss.... Cherp.... thats what you hear when your looking at this guy. Grant Cross Artworks bought this insectoid terror to life! The Mntergalactic Mantis  stands 6.5 on its base in before you attach his antenna. This multipa ... (read more)
$60.00 2
Intersteller Interloper "Roswell 1947" 5in kit
The Alien that arrived in a mapping team in the Roswell crash of 1947. We all know that it was not a weather ballon...right? This contact has lead to the arrival of the visitor trying to recover the information lost in this crash some 70 yea ... (read more)
From $18.00 2
Intersteller Wraith
Want to paint an alien, but don't just want to paint a Grey? Well here you go! When the Visitor and Interloper came to earth they didnt notice they were bringing this pesky hitchhiker. Introducing the Interstellar Wraith sculpted by Josh P C ... (read more)
$85.00 2
The Architect 11.5in
Ever wonder why similar designs are carried through multiple ancient cultures? Well it's probably because of this guy. The Architect sculpted by Josh P Crockett is brought to life in stunning detail at 11.5in tall on its pyramid base. Cast i ... (read more)
$95.00 $85.00 2
The Surveyor
Another wonderful addition to our alien series. Sculpted by Josh P Crockett printed roughly 9 3/4 in on base and includes the rock base. Rock and alien will both be cast semi translucent. 
$65.00 2
Visitor 5in Kit
We have all heard of Area51! We all know the truth is out there! Collapse Industries has found out the truth and now we introduce you to the Visitor. This is the story as we heard it. In 1947 there was the capture of an Alien mapping team. T ... (read more)
From $35.00 2