Resin it's what we are all about

Our mission here at Collapse Industries is simply to provide high grade resin kits from some of the best artist around. We collaborate with both traditional and digital sculptors from around the world to produce resin here in the USA. This is the brain child of a caster who grew tired of buying the same old kits. Being disgruntled with what was out there he sold his collection and bought his first master. This has grown into a much bigger attempt to bring original designs to the forefront of our hobby. Please feel free to contact us with concerns and questions. Also you can follow us for shop updates on Facebook Welcome to the Collapse!

A little more info about the mind behind Collapse Industries. Let me first introduce my self my Name is Kirk and I am a native of North West Florida. After attending Auburn Universities School of  Business for a few semesters I left to follow my passion for working on the water. I hold an offshore under 100 ton captains license and worked in the field for a few years. During that time I worked in the off seasons helping multiple cast anything from jewelry to tank parts. I went back to school and earned a bachelors degree in Maritime Studies with a Minor in Anthropology. You may ask how I got into making creatures? I worked in a friends casting shop all through school. This combined with my love for painting obscure figure subjects drove me to want to open my own casting shop after graduation. After some ups and some downs we have made our mark. Now I work every day to bring top quality kits to the market for both Collapse Industries and Other Clients . Now we are in the process of building a 3200 square foot facility to provide even more to our line and our clients.