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Caster After Midnight
Late nights pouring resin has driven many a man to insanity! This Sculpt by Jerod Bogh shows just such an incident. Shipping before we leave for wonderfest at the end of may. Available In 3in and 8in sizes cast in flesh tone semi translucent ... (read more)
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Daddys Trophy
Have you ever known those people that just suck the blood right out of you? Well here is one. From the Twisted minds of Eric Askue and collapse industries. This bust is right at 6in tall with its base.  Raw Unpainted kit Cast in translucent ... (read more)
$55.00 $45.00 2
die traurige Diener " The Sad Minion"
The Sad minion from the Mind of Josh P Crockett. Produced in both 3in and 6in sizes. Produced in semi translucent resin, Shipping June 2015
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We always thought the Outlander needed a buddy, Here he is! Gilbert!  Sculpted by Josh P Crockett and printed 6in tall. This face only a mother could love. Cast in Semi Translucent Flesh Resin Assembly and Painting Required.
$65.00 2
Graf Orlok
The First in our Classics Line is Graf Orlok. This reimagined version of the Count Orlok brings a 21st century level of detail to this classic 20's monster. Josh P Crockett packed this sculpt with details from the base to the tips of those p ... (read more)
$100.00 2
Island Native
The Island Native is a concept Eric Askue approached us on this we went hog wild about it! Cast in translucent resin. This is a big piece! almost 8in shoulder to shoulder. Includes the base. The molds are done on this and it will be shipping ... (read more)
$80.00 $70.00 2
Oceanic Assassin
Ever had a fear of sharks walking on land.... I know I have! Grant Cross Brought this one to life for us. He is available in two sizes. 11.5 in and 5.5in Both have stunning details and a great base featuring a blown up one of his lost teeth. ... (read more)
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Rakash " The Ogre of the North"
Rakash The Ogre of the North sculpted by Josh P Crocket. Available in 3in and 6in sizes. Cast in Semi Translucent resin, Shipping June 2015.  This kit requires assembly and paint. 
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Wasteland Brute
Ever had one of those bad days walking through the Toxic Wasteland? This guy will cause you to have one! Sculpted by Giorgos Tsougkouzidis is packed full of details. The sculptor had really outdone himself in creating this beastie. He is rou ... (read more)
$80.00 2
Xuk " The Defiler "
Sculpted by Josh P Crocket this vile creature roams the wild parts of an uncivilized world. Cast in semi translucent resin. These kits will ship June 2015 in both 3in and 6in sizes. Free shipping on preorders in the USA 
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